At Cobas Asset Management we think that in most facets of life knowledge should be allowed to spread freely. Certainly, in the world of investment information and knowledge should be as widely available as possible.

The wider community should have available the knowledge it needs so that everyone can freely choose what to do with their savings to improve their own and their children’s future.

So at Cobas Asset Management we have started this blog as a channel through which to spread our team’s knowledge and experience to the investor community at large. We hope this can be a space for discussion that will encourage people to take up a long-term saving mindset. A place where we can look at the various aspects of investment in each scenario.

We also want to encourage a flow of information and opinion from savers to Cobas Asset Management and other investors. We want this blog to be a platform where you can tell us about your investment experiences and the methods you have used to make your savings grow. It should be a space where we can share any ideas that might be useful to boost savings growth.

In summary, we want to encourage a sense of community and knowledge-sharing for the benefit of society.
We have accordingly created for sections on our blog:

Under the desklamp:  A space where Francisco García Paramés will set out his long-term investment philosophy and talk about other savings-related topics.

Approaches: A section where our analysts, investor relations and compliance teams will talk about investment theories, regulations, emerging trends, etc.

The blackboard:  A blog section devoted to teaching the basics of saving.

From the deckchair:  An open section where investors and savers alike can talk about their experiences and thoughts.

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