Madrid, 8 June 2017.- Cobas Asset Management has struck a deal with Deusto, a division of the Grupo Planeta publishing conglomerate, to help fund translation into Spanish and publication of books widely regarded in the investment community as classics. The first title, Peter Lynch’s “Beating the Street”, is already in bookstores as “Batiendo a Wall Street”.

The legendary fund manager Peter Lynch lays out his investment strategies and explains how he picks stocks and funds to build the strongest possible portfolio.

“Beating the Street” has become a classic that teaches individual investors to outperform the pros. The book had not appeared in Spanish so far – this has now been made possible by the partnership deal.

Lynch first tells the story of his time as a manager at the Magellan Fund – his strategies, his methods, and his biggest trades, including both failures and successes.

In the second part of the book, Lynch focuses on the process of analysis he deployed to pick the famous twenty-one stocks he recommended to readers of Barron’s magazine, America’s leading finance and business publication. His stock-picking tactics are explained in minute detail.

Lynch argues that one of the keys to effective investment is to remember that a stock is not a lottery ticket: behind it, there is always a business, and reasons why a business might grow in the way it does. He also encourages you to invest in what you know, and to become an expert in the industry and the specific companies in which you invest.

“Beating the Street” is packed with anecdotes, tips and examples about the investment approach of one of the world’s most highly regarded fund managers.

The deal struck between Cobas Asset Management and Deusto covers translation and publication of two investment classics a year. Work will soon be underway on the next title, John C. Bogle’s “Common Sense on Mutual Funds”.

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