“Cobas Asset Management, good morning, you have contacted the Investor Relations department, how can we help you?”

What does an investor relations department do? The most immediate response is straightforward and obvious: Cobas AM provides this service to answer any queries investors may have, but we also offer other services.

What we do

If you are a Cobas AM investor we will have dealt with you in some other way but not necessarily by phone.

Why? When you become a client, we not only welcome you but we are also available to answer any queries you may have in a transparent and accessible manner. We are the first point of contact for Cobas.

We offer a direct connection with the key investor information department, namely the Investor Relations department.

How we Work. Our principles.

Qualityempathy and transparency are our main objectives to offer a reliable service. Good service requires time but this is more than compensated with the satisfaction of our current and future investors.

Since Cobas AM began operating as an independent fund manager in March 2017 we have handled over 100,000 calls. The Investor Care department, which aims to resolve all queries satisfactorily, is key for our company.

We would stress that professional personal attention is far more important than automated attention. All our investors are unique, each one requires a different answer and approach and we are able to adapt to each individual case. Each call receives our personalised attention. We strive to understand your needs and requests and believe that information management cannot be delegated to third parties as this generates uncertainty.

This information needs to be controlled correctly. We must convey an image of security and peace of mind, transmitting the company’s philosophy and projecting honesty, accuracy and transparency, Cobas AM’s core values.

Our customer attention reflects our strong team spirit. We are always professional and meticulous, and always have a smile on our face (even though you are unable to see it ?).

Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries. We shall be happy to talk to you.

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