On behalf of the entire Cobas Asset Management team, I would like to start by thanking our investors for placing their trust in us and being a part of our project.
The term “project” comes from the Latin “proiectus” and has various meanings. But in our case the best definition is a set of activities developed by a person or organisation aimed at reaching a specific objective. And the main goal for all of us at Cobas AM is to achieve the best returns for our long-term investors.
Since starting out a few months ago, we have had some hectic days, full of challenges, which we have overcome thanks to the team of people at Cobas AM and the patience of our clients. This is another of the main reasons for reiterating our sincere thanks to the over 12,000 shareholders who have entrusted us with their savings or part of them.

Over 1,600 investors attended our conferences in Madrid and Barcelona and another 4,000 followed via livestream.

Their faith in us entails an enormous responsibility for everyone who works at Cobas AM. Which is why we invest our shareholders’ capital in the same way as we do our own. We are co-investors together with our clients.
Our number one commitment to our investors is to be transparent and work as meticulously as possible to deliver decent long-term returns.
A few days ago we held our first investor conferences in Madrid and Barcelona and once again we would like to thank the over 1,600 investors who attended and the 4,000 people who followed via livestream.
You can see a short summary of the Barcelona Investor Conference here:

We have uploaded the full video of the Madrid conference to our recently-created YouTube channel: Cobas Asset Management – First Investor Conference
As we announced in the conference, we are launching two pension funds with different strategic approaches, aimed at promoting long-term savings. The first fund will be a 100% equity product, designed for savers who have a longer redemption horizon (minimum of five years) and the second will be a 50% equity strategy.

One of our main conclusions from 25 years working on the market is that there is a lack of awareness among a large part of our society regarding investment-based saving.

In our opinion, sharing knowledge is the best way to invest in society. This is why another of the new developments we announced at the conference is our collaboration with Value School (www.valueschool.es) to spread the word on savings and value investing through conferences, courses, book translations, etc.

We also presented a new idea to develop a series of collaborations with other funds. Although at this stage we are not yet able to provide more details.

Last but not least, we are working to develop a social impact fund. These types of fund actively seek out companies working to resolve problems in developing countries and they employ sustainable business models, enabling them to provide both financial returns, as well as having social impact.

Our commitment is to invest 25 basis points of the management fees from all Cobas Asset Management funds in the Open Value Social Fund (www.openvaluefoundation.org), providing an alternative vehicle to donating or philanthropy for achieving the Millennium Development Goals.
We are at your disposal for any queries you may have. Thank you again for trusting in Cobas Asset Management.

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