Refinement is no more than choosing a Thursday to excel. Refinement is a prolonged and hard-fought conquest within the reach of very few, only achievable by those who demand the most of themselves. Refinement is the fruit of time, dedication, intelligence, a deepening of knowledge and maximum self-rigour.

I believe this is going to be Cobas Asset Management’s greatest asset. Its own asset, achieved through lengthy reflection and the greatest of patience, and already a part of its raison d’être. That’s why, since it was founded, this management company has instinctively and effortlessly stood apart: it is enough for it to be just what it is.

Some refer to refinement as simplicity. The learned appear to be simple because they have reached the highest level of self-refinement, behaving and expressing themselves in a way in which the fewest words say everything.

The American playwright, Arthur Miller, once said that one should squeeze a lemon because only the last drop is the truth, essence, art. Only this last drop is full of substance and significance.

The greatest gift one can give others is that last drop of lemon. In Cobas Asset Management’s case, this means striving to ensure the service we unit holders receive has the simplicity, refinement and meaning of words and acts of the learned.

Cobas AM is committed to turning investment into an art form by refining knowledge, content, action and products. This will be very straightforward with a leader such as Francisco García Paramés, a refined individual and artful investor.

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